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This is my third year as the Superintendent of Portland Public Schools and as I look back over the past two years I am impressed with what we have accomplished and excited for the future.  The dedication to success that I see across the district and throughout the community is humbling. This is absolutely a great place to work and to go to school. I am very fortunate to be at the district in which my children, Bella, Anna, and Sammy-J go to school, and to be able to work with my wife, Jamie, who is a DK teacher at Oakwood.  There is plenty of Raider PRIDE in our family! Portland is and always will be home to our family.

I earned my Bachelor's of Science Degree from Michigan State University in Biological Science Interdepartmental.  After MSU I spent five years teaching science at Owosso High School. I obtained my Master's degree from Grand Valley State University in Secondary Education Administration.  This degree allowed me to move into administration and I spent six years at Morrice Area Schools serving as the Jr/Sr High Principal and Superintendent. I was very fortunate and privileged during my career to serve a total of 16 years in the U.S. Navy (5 years on active duty and 11 years as a reservist) as both a flight engineer and leadership instructor.  

It is my job to ensure that Portland Public Schools provides the best education for all students in Portland.  The decisions that we make as a district are always made with a focus on what is in the best interest of our students, families, and community.  We are excited that in the years ahead you will see a steady increase in opportunities for all students.  While Portland may grow and opportunities may increase, we will still embrace the small town feel that makes Portland a special place to live, work, and go to school.

Please give me a call, send me an email, or flag me down when you see me if you have a concern, comment, suggestion, or just want to talk education.


William Heath


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